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I discovered I could write in my early teens. One day I realized that my mind kept thinking in short sentences which kind of rhymed. As more thoughts kept coming & they too rhymed, it struck me that it’s not short sentences which rhymed, it’s actually a poem! I could write! Since then I have been writing on-off all my life – in poems, small meaningful sentences, articles & heart felt notes.

I started taking active interest in personal development around the same time as well. One fine summer day, I was getting bored at a distant relatives place. I saw a book with an interesting title and picked it up just to kill time. The book grabbed my attention and I wouldn’t keep it down inspite of getting threats from my cousins. The bookspoke to me of wisdom of ages, and of new ideas which made lot of sense. I could see myself applying some of these ideas. I understood how this could make a difference in my life. This was the first non-fiction, personal development book I had read. After getting some success applying ideas mentioned within the book, I became a big fan of entire personal development genre. And have been learning about the same since then – from books, programmes, self reflection and people.

After little more than a decade of on-off writing and personal development, I discovered blogging – a medium which not only brought together my interest for both, it connected me to like minded individuals as well (more like friends now).

I share and I learn. Both experiences are simply priceless. I mostly write on personal development over here. And I only write on topics I know of & what I believe in. If you look through the archives, themes of positivity, happiness, love, personal power, relationships etc will pop out. This is because this is who I am, and this is what I know of.

Avani Mehta can be reached at avani [at] avani-mehta [dot] com

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