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Far & Farthest

Category: Motivation, Poetic-Prose Inspiration

Far & Farthest

You do a hundred push ups
And can’t do one more.
Body aching, arms and shoulders screaming,
No, no chance … Not a single one more.

Your trainer doesn’t let go
10 more to go
Come on, you can do it,
Just 10 more … Let’s go.

The count begins
And so do you.
10 to 1 all done
Just because … Someone else said so.

Just because
Someone else believed in you
And pushed you to do so.
And who knows,
Had the trainer pushed further,
You might have done … a couple more.

So who decides what’s your limit,
Who decides how far you can go ?
Or is it the wrong question all together …
Because there are no limits as such
You can always do some more !

You have given in your all
You are ready to throw in the towel.
Ready to accept defeat, retreat,
Perhaps … the dream wasn’t meant to be.

But wait, Not so soon,
Don’t dare you go.
You have only gone … as far as you think you can.
You still have to go … the farthest you can.

Do one step more,
One day more.
For you really don’t know,
What is the farthest you can go

Bring out your wackiest ideas
The cool to do
But can’t be done by “you” ideas.
And do them for you never know.

You could have
If you would have …
Just Begun.

You don’t know,
You really don’t know
What’s the farthest you can go.

– Avani Mehta

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