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Leap & Fly …

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It has been 5 years since I wrote anything consistently over here. So if you don’t remember signing up for this blog, I won’t really blame you 😉 But if you are still here, and you still do remember me, thank you for your patience and vote of confidence.

In a nutshell, after spending years trying to work out an ideal time to get back to my passion for writing, I decided to jump in. Because I figured out that there will be no perfect time for it. Ever

Not exactly an ideal solution I know. But it is working right now everywhere else in my life so why not here. Instead of spending hours trying to perfect something in mind, instead of worrying about all possible things that could go wrong and trying to fix them … why not just jump in and go with the flow.

Why not just have faith in yourself – that whatever comes up … I will figure it out on the way. Whatever comes up … I will do what I can and scramble to learn the rest. I will make mistakes fast and I will learn from them and correct them fast.

I will not wait for the right time, the right opportunity, the right entry. I will take up whatever is available and make it right. For finding everything right the first time itself is just a myth.

Be it business or personal life, leaping in has its own set of advantages.

One, you are not playing make believe. You are in the real world, tackling real problems, finding real needs and solutions. Whatever you are trying to do, nothing is theory oriented. Everything is practical. And as it has been proven again and again, what happens in theory is far different from what happens in reality.

Two, you are less fearful of making mistakes. Because you are getting in with the knowledge that you are not prepared, that you are just jumping in, mistakes seem okay. Mistakes are actually seen as learnings, as feedback on which you adapt your approach/product.

Three, it is exciting. That you are finally doing what you wanted to do brings a bounce in your steps. Thinking, planning … planning, thinking gets tiring. Doing is exhilarating. Doing brings momentum. And the magic of momentum is that it doesn’t stay limited to one place, one area in life. Momentum, enthusiasm, action mode is contagious. It spreads through and seeps into different areas of your life. And suddenly you find yourself taking action in all the areas that had grown stagnant over period of time. Suddenly you find yourself dusting your dreams, putting into action long drawn plans … suddenly you find yourself moving forward everywhere.

That we are able, capable and truly ready in all the ways to surely achieve our dreams is ideal, but never happens. It is the journey to our dream that prepares us to achieve our dream. Nothing else, no amount of preparation can fully prepare us for what lies ahead in unknown. The only true way is to travel on the path and face the unknown and conquer it successfully. Preparation can happen along the way. Learning can happen along the way. We can move forward and then backward, we can adjust our paths for as long as we like. If we stick till the end with our will, our confidence and determination, if we don’t lose our dream, we will reach there. And then, when we look back we will realise that all those steps forward and backward were necessary, all those mistakes were necessary. They made us stronger. They made us smarter. They helped us become the person who is truly able, capable and ready and deserving to achieve the dream.

So leap in, jump in … go achieve your dream. And have faith that you will figure things out along the way. Have faith that when you jump, wings will appear. And where there are no wings, you will be their creator. But wings you will have. And so as long as you don’t let go of your dream … you will reach there.

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Reader's Comments

  1. Rajendra | March 30th, 2015 at 8:15 am

    …. 5 years indeed a long time… but your name “Avani” … so different has etched into my mind & I could recall the past in a jiffy…

    Welcome back…

    Leap & fly…. indeed a nice & very motivational writeup… Keep writing & motivating us…


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  2. Khyati | April 1st, 2015 at 2:41 am

    Indeed a lovely write up Avani. Like I always fee that you need someone…something to shake and stir u up….this indeed is one of them. Keep writing keep stirring!!!

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  3. Priyanka | April 8th, 2015 at 3:47 am

    Hi Aavni,

    Shawman u remember.

    Nice write up. I really enjoy reading your stuff.

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Leap & Fly …

So leap in, jump in … go achieve your dream. And have faith that you will figure things out along the way. Have faith that when you jump, wings will appear. And where there are no wings, you will be their creator. But wings you will have. And so as long as you don’t let go of your dream … you will reach there.

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