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Find your own sanctuary

Category: De-stress & Relax

Find your own sanctuary1
Photo Courtesy of inaki_naiz

I went to beach yesterday evening for a walk. Soft sand cushioning my feet, light breeze passing by me, playful waves forming continuosly and then disappearing. And in it’s constant coming and going, taking away some of my thoughts and leaving me with a peaceful mind.

I found a slow smile develop on my face and a bounce in my steps as well. It felt as if some weight of thoughts, of to-dos and tasks and action items have melted away. And in that moment, I was neither in my past, nor in my future. In that moment, I was not ‘elsewhere’ in my thought world. I was at the beach, looking at the waves, feeling the breeze and the sand … I was totally in the moment, completely in the present. What a wonderful feeling that is.

By the time I returned home, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I found a new energy and spark in me. My creative juices were flowing freely. I was happier, at peace and in a state of calm. All this in a time span of just 30 minutes.

I wondered how and where else can I find this. I pondered over how to find my own sanctuary, my personal haven to revitalize myself. And answers came tumbling in my mind. Some referencing to my past sanctuaries. And some taking inspiration and creating new ones. Sharing them with you.

Part I : Finding your own sanctuary with nature

Greet the morning rays

There is something magical about the first few rays. Seeing them lit up the sky, listening to birds welcome them with their singing and chirping, seeing the world lazily wake up is a beautiful experience by itself. After I started waking up early, being with sunrise has been one of the most cherished moments of my day. Everyday it feels as if I got a surprise present. Being able to watch sunrise was no where in my list of benefits of waking up early. Everyday a thank you comes from my heart – a thank you to god for one more beautiful day.

New day in sunset

Sunsets have been my favourite time of the day. Every evening sky looks different with the randomly added colours. Every evening sky looks alive with colours, light and clouds playing with each other. There is a different kind of cheerfulness present. You will know what I mean if you too feel the way I do. I simply love sitting by the window and look at the sky, listen to music, see cars coming and going, hear birds constant twittering. It’s as if … the day has begun again in the form of night.

Walk in the nature

Does nature ever call you in the middle of the day? In middle of some task? Sometimes I get pulled by a beautiful day and inviting weather. It tempts me so much that I drop whatever I am doing and join it. I walk aimlessly through woods, around the complex. Join nature in celebration. Celebration for no reason at all.

There are so many more sanctuaries to be found in nature. Relaxing beaches, twinkling nights, drizzling rains … Where have you found your sanctuary?

Stay tuned for Find your own sanctuary II – At unexpected places

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Reader's Comments

  1. Shilpan | | June 18th, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Avani –

    You are showing your creative juices in this article. I can feel your emotions as I can the waves of the ocean and chatter of the birds. This article reminds me of how important it is to spend time on inner goals as I’ve written in my last article. Inner goals are for our soul. They enrich our thoughts and thus our actions that follow. Cheers !


    Shilpan | successsoul.coms last blog post..How to Cultivate Mental Clarity and Happiness

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  2. Shamelle @ | June 19th, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Yes, it nice to take a break from the daily hum drum and find statuary with nature.
    As Shilpan mentioned, you communicated it well in your post.


    Shamelle @ TheEnhanceLife.coms last blog post..The Benefits Of Uncertainty (Yes, You Read It Correct!)

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  3. Avani-Mehta | June 19th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    @Shilpan: So true, without inner victory, outer victory is empty.

    @Shamelle: Thank you.

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  4. Sunil | July 6th, 2008 at 2:28 am

    Nice topic and a nice presentation. Overall, a nice article.
    Having stayed in Himachal Pradesh, a place bestowed with splendid natural beauty, I know about it from my personal experience. Even a glimpse of natural beauty can provide relaxation. (I just had to go upstairs for lunch. I have felt the effect of the view of mountain range and green forest while climbing up the staircase.) Obviously, a little longer association can make wonders. Back in Bombay, I realise it all the more.

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  5. Avani-Mehta | July 7th, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    @sunil : Thank you for the feedback. Sounds like you stayed in a dream place for any of us – beautiful location and no travelling time.

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  1. […] Spending more time with the natural world is easy.  There is nature around us all the time, even in urban environments, if you simply take it in small doses.  […]

  2. […] Spending more time with the natural world is easy.  There is nature around us all the time, even in urban environments, if you simply take it in small doses. […]

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